They say work hard and play harder ;). I think this is what my intention was for this particular work trip. I have never been to Miami, I know, shocker considering I have lived in FL for almost six years. So when several shoots happened to line up all at once I decided it was time to finally make my way down south. When researching for hotels to stay at I wanted to experience the best of Miami but not in the lets party sort of way - but more of lets chill in a relaxing resort type of way. I read the reviews like crazy of the locations and the hotels and specifically wanted to stay more north and not south beach, or as I have been told by many to do so. There was many hotels on my radar when scouting, but I kept coming back to The Palms Hotel Resort . I chose it with assurance and hesitation at the same time. I mean try researching for hotels in miami - its overwhelming! 



Me and Kristina ( My Assistant and awesome friend who so generously agreed on this little adventure with me ), checked in without a hitch, even got upgraded to an ocean front room which was amazing, and would definitely recommend it! Wish I took a photo from our room - Clearly we didn't stay in it much as we spent most of our time at beach or the resort style pool lounging and drinking smoothies- and eating burgers...we where on vacation, ok! I mean WORK-ATION ;). Their beachside and poolside service was exactly what we needed.


I am a big breakfast person. if anything, the onsite Essensia Restaurant was definitely one of my favorite parts from the whole trip! The buffet breakfast was seriously one of the best I have ever been to! Also the fact that the food is all naturally sourced made eating their that much more enjoyable. One of the days of our trip we decided to stray from the restaurant and go eat breakfast at one of the cuban joins down the street, oh boy what a mistake! after horrible experience and disgusting breakfast food from the cuban joint we still ended up back at the Essensia Restaurant for their delicious breakfast. Lesson learned! 

Heres a shot of my third round of the breakfast buffet. Yes, I ate it all! and even had more. blame it on being six months pregnant...and on the fact that the food was so good!


The Resort Is surreal- every corner of it feels like your on a tropical Island somewhere not smack in the middle of Miami Beach. Just as it is advertised: A Tropical Sanctuary in the heart of Miami Beach

A little small detail: They had pitchers of fruit water all around the hotel, pool area, and even the beach! This doesn't seam like a big deal, but I like to stay hydrated and refilled my water bottle often. So I guess you can say every little detail matters!






My Gorgeous couple, Izabella & Charles joined us shortly after and we had fun capturing a little bit of a lifestyle type shoot around the hotel! I think these photos will give even a better look at how COOL the resort is. 


Hope you enjoyed this little review of this amazing hotel. Let me know if you have ever stayed here and leave a comment of your favorite thing about your experience here.

or plan to stay here in the future, feel free to ask any questions!


Much Love,

Viktoriya C.