So here it is as promised, my condo decor and how I went crazy nesting (a pregnancy thing) and decided to finally decorate our home. It has always been something I put off for a while because I saw it as not our permanent home and it was not a house.

As anyone, I am sure, I dreamed of living in a house and decorating my little interior designer heart out. Unfortunately, a house just always seamed somewhere in the distant future, with everything that kept going on in our lives, from job losses, to being denied from a mortgage loan, to starting new businesses, to traveling and I can go on and on.

Frankly, I can make excuses all day long, but it doesn't even make since, I think it finally hit me sometime towards the end of my second pregnancy that even tho we have been married for 6 years and going on two kids, we are blessed to have a place to even call a home!

I think i just snapped out of it and stopped dreaming so hard about a house and where we wanted to be in the future, and started to enjoy living right now,  In the moments, in the weeks and in the months. Sure we will have a house in the future oh no doubt about that, but for now, we are so thankful and really enjoying our little 3 bedroom condo and so I indeed decorated my little heart out but  keeping things simple but still with my style. I really enjoyed it and keep wanting to change things all the time, which is easy to do once you have the main things done. 

I encourage you to do the same, doesn't matter what style you go with, just that you make where ever you live now feel like your -home!



The Simple entry. I did not want to spend a fortune on furniture items that I knew where not going to transition into our future house,  so something simple for the entry would do, while still utilizing the space and storage -Cue the Basket and Storage Bench.



The Mirror was a thrift find for $50. It was ugly brown, I spray painted it semi gloss black. When you have a mirror by the entry, it makes the space look much bigger than it is. 


By adding a simple potted plant, can make a space look more alive! especially if you love the whole monochromatic look, a dash of natural green makes it more pleasing to the eye. 


This Original Drexel Mahogany Sideboard was another thrift find, that I myself still cant believe I scored! An elderly couple who was moving out of their Mansion was selling this on craigslit because they could not take it with them. Guess how much?!  A whole whooping $150 for this beauty! I always admire it and am pretty happy how much character it adds to the simple designed living room. They come in this ugly brown color, and can be professionaly painted to an off white like this.



The porch swing was one of the best things I invested in, that I know will easily transition into a house. I love our peaceful days where we sit outside on the swing enjoying the florida breeze. 

Also, all the plants that I am trying to keep alive. hope they will survive to transition into our future house, haha. 


Our Coach is from Rooms To Go, and the only thing that we had when we moved into this condo. We bought it because it was supposed to be for a house..but in this condo its just  too big, but we made do. I dream of grey tufted couch, but with my style being parisian classic with glam, and my husbands modern, we had to surely compromise. Also, I am very happy we have a black couch! I cant imagine what it would look like if it was any other color. kids...we have kids. 



Pick up some magazines at your local Restoration Hardware Store, they are free. Your Welcome. 



I Hope you enjoyed this little post about decorating and making a home no matter where you live.  Have you decorated the space you are in now? or do you plan to? Let me know by leaving a comment below!


Much Love,

Viktoriya C.


P.S. I have another blog post of the bedroom and the office, coming soon ;).