I remember growing up with my first little brother, how excited i was to have him by my side. Through out the years of ups and downs i have always prayed for him to find his way in life, i must say that God has heard my many prayers, and brought him thus far - Standing at the altar and committing his life to him as well as to his beloved wife Lia.

I can't say enough good things about this girl! So patient and so very kind! I have only met her several times before the wedding, but got to know her very well the days before and seen her kind and giving personality. 

I got a lot of comments like "why are you the photographer at your brothers wedding?!" "don't you want to sit and enjoy it"... Why yes, i did enjoy it very much! and got to be more part of it in the best way possible. I got to capture the day for them to remember for the rest of their lives, and no worries, i made it in to couple of the family shots ;).

Here are the highlights from their beautiful day! ENJOY.

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Lia's mom had planted flowers in their front yard just for the wedding! so of course, how could i not incorporate them into day. ;)