I had the privilege to travel to Seattle Washington this past year, IN DECEMBER! I was welcomed with rain, of course ;). and I got to capture a beautifully blessed day of Inna and Yuriy. This love story began with a tragedy as many know- Yuriy lost his wife and was left with 4 adorable children. Never did he think that God had already prepared for him another, the one who will captivate his heart and take on the blessed road of raising 4 children with him. Many know Inna for her great, fun welcoming personality and the love for kids was always seen in her. She has been a choir director for many years for SMBS here in Jacksonville, FL and her time has finally come to be married to the love of her life, who she met on the other side of the US while visiting friends. We could not be any more excited and happier for her! Such an amazing story to witness and even be part of even a little, and so here I share these with you with great joy and tears of happiness (I know, I am so emotional sometimes) for this family's new beginning!

Enjoy this winter themed wedding, filled with lots of love, life, laughter and friends from near and far.

Gorgeous Makeup by: Natalie Kalini